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"Faces" is the first collection from Keith Wood to be made available online. Just click on the thumbnail images to open the larger picture below.

Easy Driver (A2) Private Conversation (A2) Not The Dog's Dinner! (A2) Fantasea (A2)
Big Gossip (A2) Taken (A2) Russian Cat (A2) Maybe Later (A2)
Body Language (A2) Two Four Dancing (A2) Oops! (A2) Milkstruck Loveshake (A2)
A Musical Accompaniment (A2) Eric and Neddy Tug of War (A1) Point of No Return (A1)
Sale Ends Today (A1) Tops and Tails (A1) Windy Daze (A1)

All pictures are printed on stretched canvas box frames approximately 38mm deep, with a choice of A1 or A2 size. (Stretched canvas to UK destinations only and rolled for other world destinations). The pictures are finished in a lacquered laminate for surface protection.

Prices shown include all postage, package and delivery to all destinations. You can use this page to contact us regarding offers for the purchase of originals or commissions in your own theme, idea etc.